GEESE Partners:
Responding to the challenges of developing an entrepreneurial
spirit in European students, the GEESE Network aims to build
transversal skills at the basic primary and secondary levels of
compulsory education and into higher education and vocational
These skills include innovation and business creation,
inquiry methods and idea generation, which are in great demand
by a 21st Century workforce,

The three-year pilot project involves six countries (
visitors will soon
be able to click above on the country of interest) collaborating to
reinforce ongoing efforts supported by the European Union to
devise a strategy for achieving growth in a "smart " sense.
Research shows that the most rapid urban or rural growth rates
have been achieved in cities or villages where a large educated
labour force is available. Labour-based knowledge is increasingly
replacing manual labour, and innovation is an important factor in
successfully creating and sustaining “smart” cities and villages.
The growth of smart communities is driven by entrepreneurs who
innovate and find outlets for their creativity, and will require an
increasingly more skilled and knowledgeable labour force.

The GEESE Network consists of a consortium of universities,

businesses and enterprises, education ministries, and the
community of compulsory education, higher education, and
vocational training
to promote an entrepreneurial spirit in K-20
students. It is essential that all parties get involved in supporting
the growth of entrepreneurship as a natural process and at an
early age. The sooner entrepreneurial capacities are nurtured
in youngsters, the easier they can set their learning in motion,
ultimately achieving success in life by becoming productive
citizens and contributing to the local economy with their
innovations in industries and products in later life. The project
centers around knowledge building, partnering classes in primary
and secondary schools as well as institutions of higher education
and vocational training,
and the creation of Hubs of Innovation,
guided by coordinators of the country teams of GEESE partners.

The GEESE project is designed to focus on
Smart Cities (or
rural villages) in the first year, Smart Schools in year two,
and Smart Businesses and Enterprises in the third year.
Email contact:
Tel (with country code)
Maximising the use of instructional technology

GEESE partners communicate through video-conferencing,
including partnering classrooms where students can work on
a common project.  Video-conferencing is also helpful when
educators are partnered - teachers with teachers and
principals with principals in the case of K-12 education,
instructors with instructors in higher education and vocational
training, and industry leaders with their colleagues in business.
Here, a
meaningful exchange of information and mentoring
can take place. Educators are also trained through distance
learning modules.

Learning is facilitated through an Internet-based common

virtual platform built on Knowledge Building (KB) principles.
Click here to learn more about KB. The platform´s software,
known as Knowledge Forum, was designed to support inquiry-
and project-based learning with applications for the labour
market of the knowledge age. The platform supports work
that reinforces social interaction and learning aptitudes,
improves literacy skills in mother tongue and in foreign
languages, and promotes 21st Century skills:
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